[Very Sad] Armed Robbers Attacked Mourners and Took Away The funeral Cash

[Very Sad] Armed Robbers Attacked Mourners and Took Away The funeral Cash

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Infamous Highway burglars working in Kwahu Afram Plains in the Eastern area on Monday dispatched another assault on travelers obstructing the principle Asukese intersection street in the first part of the day around 7 am.

They reportedly robbed passengers plying the road from Tease and Fori-Foru. The incident happened at the exact spot a police post has been abandoned to rot over lack of washrooms.

The robbers took away mobile phones, cash and other personal effects of their victims.

One of the victims Agyei Budu Nathan, a radio pastor, said the robbers absconded with his two mobile phones and an amount of GHC 3,200.00 raised to organize funeral for his dead wife at Akyem Osino.

No capture has been made by the Police.

Kwahu Afram Plains Area has been battling with robbery menace for over a decade.

The robbers take advantage of the deplorable road network, unavailability and poor mobile network signal, and inadequate police personnel on the road.

The robbery gang is alleged to be predominantly Fulani herdsmen.

They mostly attack traders and mourners.

Many victims have died while others were injured in previously deadly attacks.

Perception of involvement of some bad nuts in the police service in the area continues to fester among residents

Two Police officers were arrested in 2016 in connection with a deadly robbery attack on a GCB Bullion van killing the driver and injuring a Police officer who was escorting the van.

The two police officers have since been jailed.

However, in February 2020, a group calling itself Concerned Residents of Afram Plains indicted a police officer and petitioned the Inspector General of Police to transfer him on his indirect involvement in the robbery attacks after one of the robbers apprehended by residents called the said Police officer on phone in their presence giving vital information to him.

The District Chief Executive for Kwahu Afram Plains South, George Ofori, in September 2020 said the Assembly planned to fabricate more Police presents on work with quick reaction by police to manage the burglary danger.

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