The lost pyramid of Nigeria

The lost pyramid of Nigeria

These are pyramids of groundnuts in Nigeria by Nigerian farmers in the 1960s. It was the same with rice, yam, and all other foodstuffs the people of Nigeria depend on.

Nigeria was producing enough food to feed its citizens and the Nigerian economy was strong, stable, and diverse without depending on a single commodity.

Insight on the pyramid

Groundnut pyramids were pyramid-like structures made from groundnut sacks. The pyramids were built in northern Nigeria in cities such as Kano, where groundnut production was a key part of the economy. They were viewed as both a tourist attraction and a symbol of wealth

By discovering oil, a few politicians have collapsed many sectors of the economy by withdrawing all investments in these sectors.

While the masses are starving and hungry, the political class fills their bellies with the oil money which has become the only foundation of the Nigerian economy. It is time for the masses of Africa to come together to save the motherland.

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