Repented Moesha Boduong sends message to God

Repented Moesha Boduong sends message to God

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The repentance of curvy Moesha Boduong has come as a surprise to many, presumably taking over her way of life and status as a VIP.

Some have portrayed it’s nothing but a trick, or just behaving like she is expertly known for, however Miss Boduong, in a most recent meeting, has tended to all of such cases.

She has repeated that she will, hereafter, be known as a repented and a complete Christian, as opposed to the slay queen she used to be, and accordingly, she has changed her name from Moesha to Maurecia.

Portraying the beginning of her repentance, she related how she was without anyone else in her home when she felt a soul ruling her body, an inclination she said she was unable to explain.

She said she quickly called a some of her friends who also could not explain the situation either and along these lines, held her hands into the sanctuary of God.

“I feel like the soul of God has gone into me now; I feel nearer to God and I enjoy peace of mind, happiness and comfort,” she said.

She said until her calling, she was engaging a ton of things including ailment and she was told Jesus has addressed her cost and recovered her from each servitude.

She proceeded with that she was at first wary, and tried God to demonstrate his essence by helping her how to ask, and the following day, she said she was shaking expressions of supplication regrettably.

Thusly, the 30-year-old has made a promise to God that she “will never at any point ever at any point at any point lay down with any man again till God gives me my own. Regardless of whether it requires 20, 30 years, I’ll pause.”

On the most proficient method to satisfy that promise, she said she has addressed her darling to assist her with avoiding sex in a bid to maintain her abstinence plan.

Her concentration right now is the manner by which to love God since she has the energy.

“Before I shared my declaration at chapel, it was anything but something simple since I didn’t realize that loving God is probably the best thing that has at any point happened to me,” she admitted.

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