Okada riders tests Bawumia-Where are our guaranteed vehicles

Okada riders tests Bawumia-Where are our guaranteed vehicles

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Business Motor Riders, famously known as ‘Okada’ riders in the nation are approaching the New Patriotic Party (NPP)- government, explicitly the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to come out to disclose to them why they have wouldn’t make accessible the vehicles guaranteed them, four months subsequent to winning the 2020 political race.

As per the riders, they have been left to their destiny in the business as they keep on confronting pressure from the police on the grounds that the ‘Okada’ business has not been authorized.

The resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) vowed to legitimize and control the ‘Okada’ business

Be that as it may, the NPP-Government, particularly the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia who didn’t consent to the commercialization of the ‘Okada’ business vowed to get the riders small vehicles just as work open doors in the different areas to give them some type of occupation in a more secure climate as the ‘Okada’ business is viewed as hazardous.

Be that as it may, four months after the NPP won the political decision, the Okada riders guarantee the Vice President has gone quiet ridiculous .

Talking with some media people, the National President of Okada Riders Association of Ghana, Mohammed Apambila said the police was all the while halting and capturing them in light of the fact that the business has not sanctioned.

He said the riders are in some cases compelled to pay some measure of cash to the police to keep them from holding onto their motorbikes.

For the individuals who are unfortunate, he said their engines are shipped off the police headquarters whiles the riders are shipped off court.

Police in Accra to boycott vs and road youngsters along streets

The Association says it will initially face the National Organizer of the NPP, Samuel Awuku, the Greater Accra Regional youth Organizer of Party, Moses Abor, to consider them responsible for the guarantee they made to them at the Nkrumah Circle, ‘Circle Dubai’ before the political decision.

“We need the NPP-Government to realize that when they required us, we were there for them. At the point when they guaranteed us vehicles, we were glad about it and decided in favor of them yet after the political race, they have disregarded us,” he said.

He added that, “We need to advise them to satisfy their guarantee, so tomorrow when they provide us guidance, we will follow it.”

As far as it matters for him, the Vice President of the Okada Riders Association, Yussif Sumani additionally added, “They guaranteed us vehicles and in the wake of deciding in favor of them, we need to know where the vehicles are?”

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