Here’s an amazing story of Fernando Torres and a 5 year old fan you probably never heard of.

Here’s an amazing story of Fernando Torres and a 5 year old fan you probably never heard of.

A father and son watched a Liverpool game at Anfield. And they were on the plane to go back to Spain.
But the son who was sitting next to him suddenly said this to his father.

“Dad, there’s Torres over there!”
Then the father is puzzled and tells his son.
“Can a star like Torres ride ‘Easy Jet'(Relatively cheaper airline company)?
No way. You didn’t see him,” replies Dad.

Then the son points his finger and tells him that Torres is there.
Then the dad sees it. So the dad tries to calm down his surprised heart.

Soon after, he approached Torres and asked for an autograph for his son.
Torres got up, came in front of the child, talked sweetly, and signed an autograph.

My son wanted to take a picture with Torres, but he couldn’t because they were on board.
Torres then said that when he got off the plane, he would take a picture with him at the airport.
He has made a promise with the son.

Originally, Torres went to Spain to join the Spain National Team.
When Torres arrived at the airport, Torres had to board the national car of Spain.
He wouldn’t have had the time for it. But he still made a promise to the child.

However, upon arriving at the airport, unexpectedly, the father and son lost the bag with the camera in it and they had to spend time looking for it.

So Dad approached Torres and said, “I think it’s going to be difficult to take pictures because I have to find the bag.” Torres then replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting outside.”

After about 20 minutes passed, after twists and turns, the father and son finally found the bag, but Dad noticed that too much time had passed and expected Torres to already have gotten on the national team car and left. So the Dad tells his son, “I can’t help it… A star like Torres can’t wait 20 minutes for us.”

But just in case, the Dad and his son went to the place he had promised to meet.
However, there was Torres. Of course, there was the national team car waiting next to them.
They were waiting for the Dad and the son.

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