GUYS, These Types Of Ladies Can Ruin Your Life Forever. So Be Very Careful With Your Choice

GUYS, These Types Of Ladies Can Ruin Your Life Forever. So Be Very Careful With Your Choice

When you want to run things with many girls, you need to be extremely careful or else you will fall into the hands of the ones that will ruin your life completely.

There are many girls out there who are looking for whom to destroy one way or the other. Therefore, you should be extra careful with the following types of ladies do not fall victims;

  1. Any girl that don’t like telling you about herself is not to be trusted so be careful as you can’t understand her.
  2. Any girl that keep complaining that all guys are the same is a suspect. You can never know men are the same without testing a lot of them. So these types of ladies are mostly cheats, stay away from them.
  3. Any lady that have mor male friends than female friends can’t be understood and trusted.
  4. Any girl that wears nose ring or foot chain should be avoided because those things doesn’t show sign of responsiveness.
  5. Any girl that always turn off her phone when she is with you is having cockroach in her cupboard and should be avoided.
  6. Some ladies that wears pearls and waist bead may have some iota of threat to you and should be avoided.
  7. Any lady that drinks too much alcohol and also smokes should be avoided for your own good.
  8. Any girl who is not working but always travel from one region to another should be avoided as her traveling mission may affect you negatively.
  9. Any lady that doesn’t care about your future but concerned about herself should be avoided. Those types of girls would want you to keep spending on them without minding whether you have savings or not.

Is there anyone that’s not on the list? Add it using the comment section.

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Elujoba Solomon
Elujoba Solomon
6 months ago


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