DopeNation Reveal Thought Behind Their New Single ‘Today’

DopeNation Reveal Thought Behind Their New Single ‘Today’

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Ghanaian musical duo, DopeNation have shared the inspiration behind their latest single, ‘Today’.

They disclosed that the theme behind the song was to appreciate people who have played a role in their musical career.

In an interview with Kojo Manuel on Y 107.9 FM’s Dryve of Your Lyfe Show they shared, “During the lockdown, we heard our songs being played everywhere and we were surprised. We later realized it was the doing of the media, DJs and other industry players so we decided to appreciate them”.

As a way of showing appreciation, they organized a party to celebrate the people who play their music and have brought them this far.

“The DJs, the media and everyone who has supported and helped us promote our music. We wanted to celebrate and acknowledge them for the good work they’ve done for our music”.

They shared that they called on some media personalities like, “Akumaa Mama Zimbi, KOD, Andy Dosty, Abeeku Santana, Kalybos and others”.

They furthered that, the party was actually how they got their music video for the song, “On our way to the party venue, our car broke down which delayed us a bit but in the end we put everything together and included it in the production of our music video and through the organizing of the party there was a music video”.

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