Another man murders girlfriend and attempt suicide

Another man murders girlfriend and attempt suicide

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It appears it is increasingly becoming worrying, the subject of abusive relationships in Ghana.A few weeks past, the country was left in shock after news of the murder of a wife; Lilian Dejoe by her husband took over the airwaves.

In a similar situation, residents of Ho in the Volta Region have been left to lick their wounds after one of their own was murdered by her boyfriend on Tuesday morning.

According to a report, Jay Dordorye, the suspect, reportedly murdered his 25-year-old lover, Harriet Kafui Ahiati after which he unsuccessfully tried killing himself by slitting his throat and stabbing himself twice in the stomach.

The 26-year-old Jay however was arrested after he was discovered by the Ho Municipal Police Command.He is currently being treated at the Volta Regional Hospital, pending investigations.

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