7 ways to know a good guy that deserves a chance with you

7 ways to know a good guy that deserves a chance with you
In this age of trifling guys and liars and pretenders, recognizing who is truly real may be a little difficult.

Mharme Serwah Fhace

In an Interview with Serwah Fhace, she reveals some secrets of having and knowing a good guy, “People complain these days of how difficult relationships have become. There’s so much fakeness out there that it’s difficult to know who the real ones are, and the effect of this, for people who desire realness and authenticity, is that choosing becomes a little more difficult.

Before and on the very brink of choosing, people still nurse the fear that things may go wrong, and that they may get burnt sometime in the relationship.

This actually perfectly justified. In this age of trifling guys and liars and terrible cheats and pretenders, recognizing who is deeply real may be a little difficult.

This is why we have helped with a list of the things to watch out for when judging a guy’s character and suitability to the kind of relationship you crave; the type that’s long-lasting and satisfying on all fronts”.

So, here goes, how to know he’s a good guy and [maybe] deserves a chance with you.

Pays attention to you

If he’s sensitive enough to pick when you’re excited, happy, unhappy and all that, he surely knows one great thing about making a woman happy.

Supports your dreams

A good guy is listening to your business proposal, sitting front row at your performances, promoting your side hustle on social media and most importantly, believing in you when you don’t believe in yourself.
Every woman deserves a man who loves them and supports what they do.

He knows that love is an action

I love you is easily said but not easily shown over an impressive period of time.

Good guys understand this and make sure that you can see and feel that they love you, not just hear it.

They do this by constantly putting in the required energy [sometimes, this could be something as simple as letting you sleep while they pick up some of your chores.] to make the relationship tick.

Inspires you to be better

If his lifestyle inspires you to be better, to step up your game in work, paying attention to your health, etc, you may have found the one.
If, alongside all these things, he brings you happiness, you my have found the one.


Specialist in little things

Anyone with enough money can buy expensive gifts. And while they are not unimportant, they’ll still rank lowly compared to the little things that count most.

An emotional guy

These days everyone wants to form hard guy. The result of which is an increase in the number of guys bottling in feelings, refusing to process emotions, come to terms with them and express them in the right manner.

Openly expressing genuine feelings and emotions seems scarcer than ever among guys, and it’s toxic because it creates a lack of balance.

A woman wants to hear just as much as she wants to see, she wants to be told how a guy feels about her as much as possible.

Refusing to do this deprives her of the right level of energy that she would have gotten from those reassuring words and display of emotions.

So how do you know you have a good guy on your hands? He is completely open with how he feels about you at all times.
Finding a guy who understands your idea of respect and never crosses the line into disrespect is such a great thing.


Respectful in the sense of not undermining you just because you are a woman or feeling bigger by virtue of his own gender. That actually counts.

A good guy is respectful to you even when it’s difficult to be. For example, when you are having a fight or when he’s pissed off.

Finding a guy who understands your idea of respect and never crosses the line into disrespect is such a great thing. And when he also happens to extend this courtesy to family and friends, you should know he’s a good one.

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